About the Project

The following oral histories are part of a generous donation from Dr. Courtney Joseph, a Haitian American historian, who collected oral histories as part of her extensive research on Chicago’s Haitian Community. This collection covers a wide range of topics, such as race, religion, and subjects that pertain to Haitian identity and diaspora. This collection has helped propel HAMOC to start work on a larger program that would help highlight the role of the Haitian diaspora in the United States and World. 

About Dr. Courtney Pierre Joseph

The Story Behind the Archive: In 2016, I began conducting oral histories with Haitian identified people in Chicago. I had to do it—I was writing a dissertation on the Haitian community in Chicago and had little to no archival sources to pull from. Talking to the people filled that void, and by early 2020, I had completed almost sixty oral history interviews. I connected with the folks at HAMOC to make these oral histories available to other scholars and interested people, so hopefully no one will ever say there is no archive dedicated to Haitian people in Chicago. I dedicate this archive to my ancestors, family, and community.

Dr. Joseph and her parents, Raymond and Llanick Pierre, March 2019